Trying Out Gun Club VR (Oculus Quest 2)


Gun Club VR is a game that I have thoroughly enjoyed in my spare time. I never thought I would like it though, since it seemed very simple and lacking in depth, but far from it. I found myself getting engrossed in the slow climb toward getting better weaponry and upgrading my stuff to perform better in the shooting galleries. I thought it would be nice to show this game off before I go out of town and leave for the rest of the week.

This will be my first time ever doing a live stream for an Oculus Quest 2 game. I know that there are many different ways to capture footage for the headset, but streaming out of a web browser seemed like the easiest way to do it, even though there’s a little bit of delay. I’ll experiment and see if there are better ways to stream out this sort of content. I know that SideQuest has an experimental streaming feature that shows video footage perfectly, but no audio. Then there are other methods that start to get really complicated, so I’ll try and strike a balance in between easy and quality.